HIIT Arm Workout – 50 Min Circuit

This circuit is a killer. It will need every ounce of effort from your arms. But pays out with bigger, leaner results.

Duration: 50 Minutes

Equipment: Barbell, EZ Barbell, Cable Machine

Rest for 10 seconds between sets & 30 seconds between moves.


Break for two minutes after sets for the finisher pushdowns. If you want to pump out maximum growth hormone, you need to push to exhaustion.




Tip – Working your grip means you’re changing the angles to hone both parts of your biceps to a far greater degree.

  • Wide- this concentrates the work on the short head of the biceps – the portion on the inside of your arms – for arms that appear thicker face-on.
  • Narrow – shift your hands in [no more than 2 inches in from shoulder width] to shift the emphasis to the long head of the bicep, developing the coveted peaked appearance.
  • Overhand – facing your palm down bring the forearms into play & targets the long head of the biceps. It uses your shoulder joint as a stabiliser too. Not bad.

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